CTO & Co founder at ViVi - Interactive player.

ViVi connects between great TV, fans and curious viewers with a free, informative, non-intrusive experience. We are living in the golden age of television, where high-end programs spread across fifty-minutes episodes, created by the most respected actors and production crews, and portray the greatest stories of our time. For many, TV watching is more than just a passive experience. It is an active engagement with the stories— Passionate viewers are discussing their favorite shows online to find all the ‘easter eggs’, untangle plot twists, and analyze entire episodes. Over 40M viewers in the US look up related information before, after and during the show to enrich their experience and understanding. We created ViVi so great content will be connected to all its relevant scenes in movies and TV, and easily discovered by any viewer.

ViVi Demo

We use automation, machine learning and viewers' input to link the most relevant content for every scene. Though technology is a great facilitator, it is the creativity, shrewdness and passion of active viewers that make the ViVi experience rich and meaningful. Do you write about movies or TV? Would you like to discover, and help others find show-related information in context?

Our vision is to sync viewers' discoveries to all the relevant scenes in movies and TV, so everyone can find anything they want to know, exactly when and where they want it. There are lots of ways to watch TV and lots of places to find good shows. We aim to provide a unified experience, completely independent of network, platform or device. We are loyal to great TV and high-quality content and are dedicated to viewers and fans across the world.