Cinematography for a video multi channel installation by Gilad Ratman featuring a pack of micro- drones circulate inside a deserted structure, moving from one room to another. 
The drones fly with no purpose, yet seem to operate with a clear finality. The structure, made out of white Styrofoam, is a cross between a model and an actual space. Its soundless environment is controlled by the nonstop buzz of the electric drones, but as the structure containing them begins to fall apart, the drone operators appear in glimpses, revealing the system and the scale of the work. Adapted specially for TRAFO’s basement, “Swarm” explores ideas of swarm behavior, Individuality and control and will recreate the experience of the videos as a trompe l’oeil – hinting at a fragmented spatiality in which the drones operate.

Shooting 'Swarm' was a  seven day production in a studio environment getting all the plates for the composing of the drones. The operation of the drones by a designated crewman proved to be a difficult task as they were expected to maneuver in the Styrofoam structure composing of pillars and hallways but by the end of the production we've come to master both the art of flying the drones and of catching their movement on video.
In the last days of the shoot we brought the Sony FS700 enabling us to capture the drones flight at 240 FPS and adding movement shots of drones flight and crashes to the static architectural compositions of the swarm.

News from the Project

June 2015 // 'Swarm' - unveiled at the TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art, Szczecin, Poland.Swarm

Gilad Ratman, ‘FOUR WORKS’ is installed over four floors of TRAFO. The works included: ‘Five Bands from Romania’ (2011-2015), ‘Swarm’ (2015), ‘Multipillory’ (2010) and ‘588 Project’ (2009). Exhibition Page.

August 2015 to November 2015 // 'Swarm' participating at The CONROUR 7

'Swarm' participating at The CONROUR 7 | BIENNIAL OF MOVING IMAGE, Mechelen, Belgium.
Exhibition Site.


'Swarm' - 4 channels simultaneous clip.

Gilad Ratman "Swarm"

Top: Stills from the Instalation & Gilad Ratman interview on "Swarm" as part of his solo exhibition, "Four Works" at the TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art, Szczecin, Poland.
Bottom: Stills from the video art.