Studio Sofash - a collaborative studio founded by Noga Manor, Rona Sagi, Uri Shaanan and myself.

The Studio name meens weekend in Hebrew and was chosen to dipict our working strategy and way of life wich involves mutually working on weekends on our personal projects, helping each other evolve and enrich our work both for ourselves and our clients.

You can see several projects of the studio in this site and in

From the Studio website: "We are a group of creative friends working five days a week for clients and two days for ourselves.
2 Industrial Designers, a Geoligist, a Afterist, a Cinematographer, 2 Film Directors, a Shepherd, a Poet, a Coder, a Lifeguard, a Publisist a Painter, 2 Still Photographers.
These are the four Idlers who refuse to rest"

Here are a few graphic design images for the studio's identity and some snapshots taken from the studios site I built and co-designed.

News from the Project

July 2013 // Studio Sofash Going Intercontinental

We are happy to annonce a new Studio Sofash Branch to be open in Australia Brisbane.
The Studio will be under the supervision of the two founding members - Rona Sagi & Uri Shaanan who will leave for Brisbane shortly.
The remaining founders wish them a happy flight and all the best in the new branch opening and are anticipating the many intercontinental projects ahead.


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