A clip for the pop/alternative singer Yael-Claire Shahmoon (Spiritwo) & My first experience directing a music video. "Sometimes" went on to win the "Ladyfest London 8" best video. I co-directed the clip with the talented and dear friend Denis David Pariente who's help let me act as director of photography as well.

The shooting was packed in one hard day on a Derelict Tel-Aviv building using a than brand new P2 Panasonic camera and a wide angle lens, some battery-run lights and the help of Yaels friends. A great contribute was a street performer we found - Ronen Rebelo (who intriguingly calls himself "free spirit"). His movement combined with David's body paint was a great inspiration as a director & a cinematographer. Capturing him Silhouetted against direct sunlight coming through a window gave the clip some memorable images.

News from the Project

May 2008 // 'Sometimes' won best video clip Ladyfest-London

Spiritwo 'Sometimes' video clip won Best Video Award 'Ladyfest London 08'.