Documanting Video and editing of the Exhibition "Showtime" at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art.

The Exhibition consists of Three major projects, each spread on a separate level of the Pavilion, each created by artists who deal with sound in a visual way. The works delivers sound as physical presence in space and examines the term “show” while conceptually and physically deconstructing it within the exhibition space.

The Documentation consisted of creating three distinct videos for each of the arists and was used as the backdrop of the Exhibition Website produced and designed by the 'Michal Sahar' Studio.

The Videos helped convey the space of the installations and its relation to the sounds wich was critical for the documentation of the works.

Participating artists: Janet Cardiff (born in Canada, 1957), Naama Tsabar (born in Israel, 1982) and Alona Rodeh (born in Israel, 1979).

News from the Project

August 2013 to November 2013 // "Showtime" Opens at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art

The artist and various musicians will perform on the work every Thursday at 8:30 p.m.

Participating musicians include: Tamar Aphek, Ariel Armoni, Gilbert Broid, Ben Drusinsky, Maya Dunietz, Or Edry, Roei Freilich, Noam Inbar, Ram Orion, Zoe Polanski, Neta Polturak, Avishag Cohen Rodrigues, Yaron Sarel, Gamliel Sasportas, Adam Scheflan, Naama Tsabar, Or Zubalsky, and others.

Additional information and a performance schedule are available at the Exhibition Website.

Janet Cardiff - The Forty Part Motet 2001 - Still from Video

Naama Tsabar - Propagation (Opus 2) 2013 - Still from Video

Alona Rodeh - Neither Day Nor Night 2013 - Still from Video