Cinematography for the new fictional video work by Israeli artist Michal Helfman - 'RUNNING OUT OF HISTORY'. The video features two sets of dialogs that revolve around the activist G., an Israeli woman who is the founder and head of a NGO which provides humanitarian aid to populations in crisis. During the last four years the NGO has been smuggling humanitarian aid to the besieged population in Syria. The work examines the concept of “smuggling” as both a concrete activist tool and as a metaphor for the artistic act, which constantly traces alternative paths within existing orders.

This second collaboration with Michal Helfman, while small in production, envolved both a three camera setup for a documentry style shoot with non actors and a green screen studio capture of a dancer to be composed inside a 3D printer.
For me the main challenge in terms of Cinematography was to capture this diverse images and situations in a way that they will integrate into a coherent narative in the final video.

Video expert

News from the Project

September 2016 to December 2016 // 'Running out of History' in the Bienal de São Paulo

''Running out of History" in the 32nd Bienal de São Paulo - Live Uncertainty

January 2016 to March 2016 // 'Running out of History' Opening in the KW

Michal Helfman's Solo show: 'Running out of History' will open at thw KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin.