Third collaboration with video-artist Gilad Ratman. Gilad Ratman's 'Multipillory' is a video installation based on the medieval torture device dubbed the "pillory". The filmed project depicts 12 individuals penetrating a simulated tropical forest with their heads. The cruel and the humiliating unite with the comic and absurd in this piece so as to create a structure that exposes its parts.

The filming required a 360 degrees dolly shot which could be seamlessly cut to make an endless circular loop.

News from the Project

June 2015 // 'Multipillory' - installed at the TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art, Szczecin, Poland.

Gilad Ratman, ‘FOUR WORKS’ is installed over four floors of TRAFO. The works included: ‘Five Bands from Romania’ (2011-2015), ‘Swarm’ (2015), ‘Multipillory’ (2010) and ‘588 Project’ (2009). Exhibition Page.

April 2010 // 'Multipillory' Shown at Braverman Gallery

'Multipillory' is Shown at Braverman Gallery as part of Gilad Ratman's Solo Exhibition: The 588 Project / Multipillory.

Gilad Ratman "Multipillory"

Top left: Gilad Ratman interview on 'Multipillory'; Top right: Stills form 'Multipillory'; Bottom: instalation view of the work as part of Gilad Ratman's solo exhibition, "Four Works" at the TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art, Szczecin, Poland.

Shooting  the 'Multipillory' with Gilad Ratman.