CEO & Founder of Meidale - Learning Management System.
Meida'le is a boutique web & design studio specializing in state of the art web-based Education Management Information System (EMIS) combined with a Learning Management System (LMS) for higher learning institutions. These are flexible turn-key systems that are seamlessly integrated in the learning institutions official websites allowing for a one stop source that delivers an across the board coherent design language, allowing ease of use, access and brand recognition.

The system is aimed to help manage and enhance the interaction between the administration, faculty and students of academic institutes.

It is a web based modular system with a multi-user role login.
It comes equipped with:

  • Student Registration & Administration Module - managing student information
  • Grade Module - Skills & competencies management & reports
  • Receipt module - manages money transactions between students, teachers and administrations.
  • Classroom & Equipment Reservation Module - tracking inventory of classrooms and/or equipment of the school reserved to courses or students
  • Courses Module - Course enrolment & Timetables
  • Course Syllabus and External Materials Module - Storing course files -  Assignments and materials in the course page
  • Courses Messaging Module - instant messaging between course students and lecturers
  • Attendance Module - tracking and reporting attendance of students
  • Alumni Module - Personal pages and profiles for alumni with events & news message board and calendar

News from the Project

September 2012 // Meidale incorporated into the School of Visual Theatre new site

The system was fully incorporated into the Visual Theatre new website merging the back end administration system and login with the new branding and design in the front end.

July 2015 // New Receipt module added to Meidale

Meidale now has a new IRS approved Receipt module that manages money transactions between students, teachers and administrations.

September 2015 // Meidale incorporated into the Ma'aleh School of Television, Film & Arts New Site

The new Maa'leh School of Television, Film & Arts website is now working with Meidale both as Backend administration management & official website!