A video art that I filmed for Mona Oren.

The video is showing in the Lady Dior As Seen By exhibition that showcases world renowned artists such as Nan Goldin, Arnaud Pyvka, Bruce Weber, Patrick Demarchelier, Peter Lindbergh and Koichiro Doi. The exhibition features more than seventy exceptional works of art that pay tribute to the Lady Dior bag.

The video depicts a pure white Lady Dior Bag as its being magically formed and built out of translucent melted wax. The video was made by filming the melting of a wax sculpture of a wax bag and then projecting the shots backwards.
The video is shown next to Mona Oren's elegant wax sculpture of the bag, giving an unspoken dialog between sculpture and video.

News from the Project

April 2016 // The Lady Dior as seen by Düsseldorf

After successful couture shows in Shaghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Milan and Tel Aviv the 'Lady Dior As Seen By' Exhibition Touches Down Near Dusseldorf.
Dior celebrates Düsseldorf boutique with the 'Lady Dior As Seen By' exhibition and a private dinner where the video will be shown.
for more information on the exhibition you can read articles in MCOT, WWD and Die Welt (if you know German).
April 7-9, 2016. Langen Foundation in Neuss, Germany 

January 2015 // 'Lady Dior as Seen By' Lands in Tel Aviv

the travelling international exhibition "Lady Dior as seen by" will be shown at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art As part of the launch of the first Dior store in Israel. The Video will be projected on the large wall of the Museum on the glamorous opening cocktail and dinner on February 2, 2015.
You can read more on these event on the Saloona article here.

Lady Dior for Christian Dior 2010

Stills from the video.

‘Lady Dior As Seen By’ Exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel. The Video is projected behind Mona Oren's elegant wax sculpture.

A general view is pictured prior to the ‘Lady Dior As Seen By’ Exhibition Opening cocktail and dinner at Tel Aviv Museum of Art on February 2, 2015 in Israel. The Video is projected on the large wall of the Museum.