When my little sister approached me with the simple request of shooting her juggling number featuring a coat, three balls & a chair we didn't know it will grow into a full fledged juggling trilogy seen by thousands on youtube, shown on TV and featured in many online magazines.

From this humble beginnings we made three short videos all containing one Neta Oren, three balls & a chair and in the process had a lot of fun.

News from the Project

December 2012 // 'Let them Come' - more than 80,000 views!

Neta Oren's short film "Let them Come" has passed 80,000 views on youtube! It has been shown in channel 2 and featured in many online magazines like odd.co.il.
You are welcome to enjoy it and help as get to 100,000 :)
Looking forward for the next and final film in the juggling trilogy.


The third (and final) anticipated short film in the juggling trilogy rightly titled: "The Juggling Trilogy".
"Home" Features the talented Neta Oren, three balls and one dune in an undisclosed location in Israel.
One day of shooting, one day of editing and a whole lot of fun!

Let Them Come

The second highly anticipated film in the yet unfinished juggling trilogy titled: "The Juggling Trilogy".
Featuring the talented Neta Oren, three balls and one undisclosed location in Israel.
Keep posted for the final conclusion...

Life is Short. I have a Coat. Lets do Something.

My awesome little sister, Neta Oren, just doing her thing. Three balls, a coat and one fun day of shooting in Tel-Aviv.