A website for Israeli Contmporary Art and Design Fair - Fresh Paint.

From the website:
"Six years ago Fresh Paint art fair was founded as a catalyst for the Israeli art field’s activity, proving a great success. Today the fair’s team extends its activity to include the area of design, in response to the Israeli design market’s need for support and promotion. The fair’s aims are to generate exposure, recognition and income for designers and design professionals, to introduce the general public to design at its best, and to respond to the increasing demand among design lovers and collectors to purchase original and innovative items. The fair's Design Greenhouse will serve as a launch pad for promising designers in the early stages of their careers."

With the expansion of the Fresh Paint brand into the field of design came the demand for a new clean and intuitive concept for their online website. The new graphic design for the site and brand by Gimel2 proposed a solution of three separate categories for the site: General, Art fiar and Design fair.
Building this new site demanded an intuitive back office for managing a rapidly growing database of artists, designers, galleries and projects. The main programing challenge was coming up with an easy solution for the exchanging of information and content as one fair ends and the site shifts to promoting the coming fair.

Designed by Studio Gimel2.