Digital online portfolio for Gilad Ratman's solo exhibition, "Four Works" at TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art, Szczecin, Poland.

The four works featured in the exhibition were: The Multipillory, Swarm, Five Bands from Romania and the 588 Project. For the portfolio Gilad proposed a 3D textured animated terrains to be rendered for each work with a unique pattern, lights and camera position. Inside these digital worlds will be objects representing the different media related to this work - Video, Audio, Images and Text that will hover above the surface.

The challenge was to render the 3D surface and to enable Gilad the ability to customize four different 3D terrains in as much artistic freedom as possible and without writing code.

To achieve this we used the html5 WebGL 3D engine and the Three JS Library to render the 3D surface in the browser. I then opened the key properties of the terrain (camera position, fog density, lighting.) as slider inputs so Gilad could control these aspects easily. Additionally he was able to insert patterns for each world that were implemented on the surface and then the base code creating the terrain could be extracted. From this Application Gilad conjured for totally unique and immersive worlds that were implemented into the site.

The portfolio was built with the Vue JS framework and was produced with the support of the Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Arts.

Four terrains from the online catalog: The Multipillory | The 588 Project | Five Bands From Romania | Swarm