Cinematography for Gilad Ratman’s “Five Bands from Romania” featuring an audio-visual installation of five Romanian heavy metal bands playing in a field, their amplifiers buried in a pit dug in the ground.
The entire two-day concert was orchestrated by Ratman, who said he was inspired by how heavy metal became popular after the fall of the Iron Curtain, expressing the end of the Soviet era in Eastern Europe.

The shooting took place in an open field in Romania in a documentry fashion utilizing three cameras, with a Canon 7d as a B-camera.

News from the Project

February 2015 // 'Five Bands from Romania' is unveiled at the Israel Museum

"Five Bands from Romania" is unveiled as part of the "6 Artists / 6 Projects" exhibition in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
The exhibition opens the museum 50th celebreation and is the first of a year-long program of some dozen anniversary shows.
2.11-8.29 - Israel Museum.

June 2015 // '5 Bands from Romania' - installed at the TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art, Szczecin, Poland.

Gilad Ratman, ‘FOUR WORKS’ is installed over four floors of TRAFO. The works included: ‘Five Bands from Romania’ (2011-2015), ‘Swarm’ (2015), ‘Multipillory’ (2010) and ‘588 Project’ (2009). Exhibition Page.

Five Bands from Romania

Five Bands from Romania - Installation - Trafo

Gilad Ratman "Five Bands from Romania"

Stills from the Instalation & Gilad Ratman interview on "Five Bands from Romania" as part of his solo exhibition, "Four Works" at the TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art, Szczecin, Poland.

Behind the scenes - Shooting in Romania with Gilad Ratman

Stills from the video & the technical layout