Drummerrsss is a permanent video installation for the Jewish Museum Berlin.

Two drummers appear vertically aligned. The first is set inside a deep hole in the ground, while the second hovers from above as if suspended from the sky. The simultaneous playing of the drums is therefore composed of the sounds that are played underground, emerging from below, with those played above ground, hence leading to the creation of music. Documented from numerous points of view, the depicted scene forms a manifestation of image and sound that comprises a multi-channel video installation.

The concept of nation-state is rooted in the ground. It is first and foremost about land, territory and borders. It has its own rules and symbols and demands loyalty from its citizens, whereas ideological and spiritual belief-systems hold to their own set of codes, rules, and rituals, and are capable of functioning in parallel, independent of sovereignty or territory. The two “Operating Systems” are found in a constant collision, and serve as key elements in the formation of both individual and collective identity. The friction created

DRUMMERRSSS - Split-Screen

News from the Project

October 2020 // Drummerrsss is a permanent video installation for the Jewish Museum Berlin

Drummerrsss was installed in spring 2020 at the Jewish Museum Berlin as part of the permanent exhibition.