A new video art I filmed for Gilad Ratman. The video is part of a group exhibition entitled 'The Band of the Family of the Bell' including artists Ronnie Bass, Carmel Michaeli, and Gilad Ratman. It features a  group of people who appear to perform gymnastic feats that would make Cirque du Soleil acrobats contort with jealousy.

News from the Project

June 2012 // 'the Days of the Family of the Bell' Opening in Braverman Gallery

Braverman Gallery presents a joint project of artists Ronnie Bass, Carmel Michaeli and Gilad Ratman. Under the title 'Band Of The Family Of The Bell', the exhibition will include works in video, sculpture and music that convey the story of a family or a messianic group calling itself the Family of the Bell. Exhibition page.

October 2012 // 'The Days of the Family of the Bell' in Chicago's 'Aspect Ratio'

Aspect Ratio debuts with a Gilad Ratman video.
Aspect Ratio is a new West Loop gallery devoted to video art, debuted with Gilad Ratman’s first solo show in the U.S.

The Days of the Family of the Bell

Bottom right: the crew of the family of the Bell on set.