Architecture photography for the architect Liat Miller and the carpenter and designer Amir Weiser.
The house, residing in one of the quitest and oldest of Tel Aviv, was bought by a couple with three children who where keen on renovating while keeping the old 50th furniture of the time.
The renovation, headed by Architect Liat Miller and Carpenter Amir Weiser was a delacet work of combining the old and the new.

The photographs were later shown in an in depth Article in Xnet - one of  Israels top design online magazines - covering the renovations.

News from the Project

January 2016 // In depth article in Xnet

The photographs are shown in an in depth article of the project in Xnet.
link to the article.

Stairs monks, each footing divided to two parts

Dining area.

Entrance, living room and nursery.

A look from the living room to the kitchen.