Cinematography for a 23 min. short film directed by Dana Goldberg.

22 year old Ilana lives with her elderly mother in Tel Aviv. Every conversation between the two turns into a quarrel that makes Ilana run off. Wandering the ruthless, dark streets, Ilana seeks human closeness and intimacy.

Ilana:  Hadas Mordel | The Mother:  Razia Israely | Prostitute:  Tamara Klingon | Guy at the Bar:  Eli Menashe | Pimp:  Elad Sharabi | Neighbor:  Nadia Kucher | Taxi Driver:  Yaron Ben Menachem | Vera:  Alice Kroytor

Screenwriter and Director:  Dana Goldberg | Director of Photography: Asi Oren | Executive Producer:  Michal Weits | Editor:  Hadara Oren | Original Music:  Karni Postel | Production Designer:  Michal Honigsfeld | Chief Lighting Technician:  Doron Djerassi | Production Mixer & Sound Design:  Michael Goorevich | Poster Design & Image:  Anna Lukashevsky

Supported by Cinema Project – The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts

News from the Project

September 2009 // 'Alligator' wins Most Promising Director Award

'Alligator' won the Most Promising Director Award at the International Women’s Film Festival, Rehovot 2009.
Jury Statement: “The director is a unique voice in Israeli cinema. The casting, cinematography and daring directing created a strong sense of a fascinating delusion, within every human connection portrayed in the film. Dana! We eagerly await your first feature film and hope the path to making this film won’t be hindered by the heavy obstacles on the way – please keep expressing your voice over and over again.”

ALLIGATOR // a short film by Dana Goldberg