A large scale video projection of a pulsating loudspeaker covered in aluminium foil. This pulsing signal is of a sine wave accelerating and decelerating. The pulse is generated by a machine built by Daniel Meir and Maya Dunietz, a fragment from another piece, titled √2. The title 25Hz - 25fps refers to the moment in which the speed of the speaker (25 hertz) meets up with the film rate (25 frames per second). At that point, synchronisation occurs, creating an illusion of stillness on the object in the film, thus exposing the blindspot of video.

News from the Project

May 2022 to September 2022 // Solo exhibition Bemis Center, Omaha

This solo exhibition by Maya Dunietz engages the physicality of sound through a series of installations encompassing the entirety of Bemis Center’s 13,000 square foot gallery space.

Courtesy of Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

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